Cool Creators This Week: Project Runway’s Nina Garcia, Edgy Tech, Chic Illustration

With Glossi, we’re putting the power of creative digital publishing in the hands of anyone, sharable and viewable across devices — no experience or design skilled required. Each week, dozens of creators make and share beautifully digital magazines on a variety of topics, from brands to authors, influencers to teachers, event coordinators, and of course, just everyday people having fun! 

Glossi isn’t just for creating and sharing digital magazines alone, but reading and enjoying them, too! Whether you’re a fitness fan, fashion, food, home decor, pop culture, or just looking for a good read online, you can browse dozens of categories and endless Glossies as well. 

A few favorites this week:

Custom artist and fashion illustrator Brooke Costello has a mesmerizing selection of gorgeously designed Glossies featuring her work. Pretty colors and details brighten and inspire!

Silent Noise is a cool and interesting Glossi that explores technology and the media with informative articles and eye-popping graphic design.

Project Runway’s own Nina Garcia shares her iconic fashion eye and thoughts on New York Fashion Week in an ultra chic Glossi. Yes, please!

New creators are constantly publishing and sharing new digital magazines on Glossi. If you’d like to join and be your own editor-in-chief, you can grab an invite here

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